Lucky is a gorgeous Torti long-haired female cat. She came into ARC with her sister, after their owner sadly passed away, but they don’t particularly get on and hiss at each other, choosing to live on separate floors in the foster home, so we are re-homing them singularly. They have both been neutered, microchipped, wormed, fleaed and are fully vaccinated.

Lucky will need an owner willing to brush her regularly – she came in quite matted and after observing her for a couple of weeks, the fosterer and then our vets decided she was in some pain, potentially suffering from arthritis, so she was initially given Metacam daily to see if that would make a difference: indeed it did, the very first day on Metacam she started careering all over the house in joy like a kitten – quite some transformation! She has now started a new arthritis treatment which was only recently available for cats: this is a monthly injection which also seems to be working very well so far.
However, although she now cleans herself properly for the most part she still seems very sensitive around her hindquarters and tail so can occasionally make it clear she does not want to be brushed or touched here. She is a gentle cat and has not bitten or scratched, normally just growls a bit and swishes her tail if unhappy. We are still not sure what is causing this response, likely to just be her personality, but have decided that Lucky will be treated as part of our Sanctuary Cat programme so that her ongoing care will be covered by ARC as long as she is taken to Twickenham Vets.

Overall she is a very affectionate cat and loves to spend time with her fosterers, following them around more like a dog and sitting at their feet whenever possible. She purrs loudly whenever stroked and often taps them gently on the arm with her paw when she wants more cuddles. She would suit most homes and would especially like her new owners to spend lots of time making a fuss of her! She is adorable.