Merry is the result of an accidental litter after a pet shop mis-sexed one of his parents.

He’s quite chilled out but does try to eat everything!

He will be rehomed to be bonded with another chinchilla (another male or a neutered female) so please include this info in the online form in the bonding section when applying.

The exotics specialist vet has confirmed he has a heart murmur. It’s grade 2 so minor in the scale (6 is the worst) and has no symptoms. He’s fit enough to be bonded but it needs to be someone experienced in case the stress of it triggers him to deteriorate. If he remains stable, he can have pretty much a normal life but there is a chance he could get worse with age but it’s all a bit of an unknown and hard to predict. Any future treatment relating to the heart murmur will be covered by us at the specialist vet in East Sheen.