Mia has settled in very well and is a lovely presence in the house. She is very calm and peaceful but is starting to show a little interest in playing, although because of her back legs and her babies she isn’t quite up to it yet. She appears to be very clever, as well as being good at making herself understood she very quickly learned who does what and what goes where, and knows how to politely ask for something. Even though she is a feeding mum she still very much enjoys human company and loves to be adored, she clearly really enjoys and values being cared for by people. She has a very emotive face and it’s hard to say no to her when she occasionally asks for some of your food! Although her back legs are currently weak she can still get about as much as any new mum does, and she asks for help when she needs it.

We will line up a home for her, by adoption donation, to then be collected when her kittens are reared, 8 weeks old- approximately mid JUNE.

She does have slightly weaker back legs, the vets suspect from an old injury. Particularly her right leg as she seems stiffer on that one, and when she sits her back knees are at different levels, but it doesn’t seem to be too problematic or bother her.