Katie White, Rebecca Hood, Molly Black and Emily Brown came to us after being bred for snake food which quickly got out of hand. They were all very poorly and frightened but are doing incredibly well now and are so gentle and timid considering their start in life.

Emily is very inquisitive and is often the first to approach the bars when their fosterer enters the room. She is often first for treats too. Molly is the most timid and her confidence is growing by the day, she often refuses to take food offered by hand but also doesn’t run and hide. Rebecca enjoys her own company just as much as she enjoys snuggling up with the others. Katie is pretty timid too but is more likely to approach than Molly.

They have had a tough life and not a lot of handling, they are getting better with their fosterer but are still fearful. They will need a patient owner who is willing to spend extra time to encourage their confidence. They have recently been treated for respiratory infections and Rebecca and Katie are still on medication to help boost their immune systems. Since being with us their fosterer has noticed a massive improvement in their confidence but there is still more work to do.

The girls can be rehomed as sanctuary animals if needed i.e. we cover the cost of any respiratory related vet visits at our vets in Twickenham. They can also come with their Cozy Pet cage for an extra donation of £30.