Nino is a handsone, ‘Felix’ lookalike cat. Sadly, he has been waiting for a space with us since June 23 but we have been so inundated with unwanted and stray cats that we have only just been able to take him. He was given up by his owner, who felt she did not have the time for him, and he now needs to find a lifelong home. His owner tells us he is a little skittish but he was calm enough to travel to ARC snuggled up on his owner’s lap in the back of a taxi (we would recommend a secure carrier)! He is friendly and playful and his previous owner feels he would be happier in a family home where there are several people to play with him and give him attention. However, as he has no experience of young children, a home with older children would be preferred. Nino had never seen a vet so we have had him neutered, microchipped, wormed and fleaed. We have also begun his vaccinations, but he will need a booster vaccination in the last week of January. Nino has largely been an indoor cat to date but we are looking for a home for him where he will have access to a garden, via a cat flap, once he is settled.
Update: Nino charmed the vets at the surgery when he went for castration. He enjoyed the attention he received from them, and was confident enough to eat his food while he was recovering from his anaesthetic! He has now moved to a foster home and immediately settled happily. His fosterer says that Nino is very sweet, and that he is a pleasure to foster!