Oreo is a handsome, 5 year old black and white male. He has come into ARC’s care as his owner was struggling to cope financially with 3 cats.

Oreo is a lovely boy. He likes to sit on a lap and let’s you stoke him. He likes company and to be around us and greets us when we come in. He will happily let you pick him up and carry him as well. I would not describe him as a grumpy cat at all, which his previous owners did. I would however say maybe not suitable for toddlers or young children as he has gone to nibble if not stroked how he likes and is best for Oreo to take the lead.
He’s asleep on my lap as I am writing this. Purring happily

Oreo likes to play once he knows you and particularly likes to pounce on a piece of string. Oreo came in with Boo and Booky. He does not get on with Boo but likes to play with Booky so could be homed with her but may be happiest as a solo cat! He has lived with children but we would prefer to home him where the children are older and know not to touch his back if he is sensitive in this area.
Oreo is neutered and microchipped and, before rehoming, he will have a health check, be treated for fleas and worms and start his vaccinations.