Pandy arrived at ARC at the start of 2020 after being surrendered by his owner. After arriving at Twickenham Vets, and having a health check it was very clear Pandy wasn’t a well boy. He was given a 6 week course of Panacur for suspected EC (a parasitic disease). After careful monitoring on completion of this course of meds, he developed an eye issue which then led to a case of severe mites.

Pandy is currently in foster with one of our Trustees who is giving him lots of love and attention. He is a beautiful, friendly boy and loves to mooch in his run and eat the grass. He also loves sitting on his fosterers lap whilst receiving strokes and quite often, closes his eyes and totally relaxes whilst being pampered by his human.

Pandy’s treatment and recovery is still on-going with more vet trips after the mite treatment course is completed to see if that is contributing to the eye problem. He still has a head tilt which may or may not improve, but he is learning to be more steady on his feet with his unusual angled view of what’s around him.

Pandy will be neutered when all his existing health problems improve as we do not want to put his little body under even more stress whilst he is unwell.