Pearl is a delightful older female cat of 15 years who needs a very special home. She is a friendly, gentle cat who just wants a quiet retirement home where she can have a couple of cosy beds, lie in the sun (when there is some), and potter in the garden when she fancies. She has made no attempt to leave the garden in her foster home. She loves to be stroked, petted and groomed, and would love a home where there are no other pets. She is currently living in a foster home with 2 very gentle, cat friendly dogs and 2 cats but she would much prefer not to have to share her home.

Pearl came into ARC’;s care after being taken to the vets to be put to sleep. Her owner had gone into care and relatives did not want Pearl. Because she is such a sweetie, the vets were not keen to put Pearl to sleep so asked for ARC’s help. When Pearl came in she had a long standing (several years) problem with suffering from diarrhea. This had improved slightly when the vets who originally took her in put her on Royal Canin gastro fibre response, but Pearl still did not have full control of her bowel when she arrived with us. She often seemed uncomfortable and frequently visited her litter tray. Eventually, after trying steroids etc our vet suggested trying long term antibiotic treatment as he believed her problem may be severe IBS. There has been a marked improvement in Pearl’s condition and she appears to be much more comfortable and to use her tray a lot less often which is why she is now available to be rehomed. Pearl’s pooh is still quite loose and she does occasionally drip a tiny drip of pooh on her bed. She also has a habit of putting her bottom out over the front of the tray so her foster carer always has a puppy pad in front of her tray in case she misses the tray!
If someone wanted to adopt Pearl, it would be preferable if they have hard floors that can be easily washed. Pearl is improving all the time but occasionally, after using her tray, will drop a tiny bit of pooh on the floor. She MUST only be fed her Royal Canin food.
Should you have any interest in adopting Pearl, her foster carer would be happy to discuss Pearl’s needs with you so you could see if you think you could cope with her. ARC will obviously cover Pearl’s continued vet care for her IBS and any other age related conditions that may develop providing she is taken to Twickenham Veterinary Surgery, Her new owner would be responsible for paying for her special diet, and flea and worm treatment.