Prince is a handsome, but shy, black and white male cat who came in with Panther because their owner’s young autistic son was being very rough with the cats. This necessitated the owner shutting the cats into the hallway of her one bed apartment which she knew was not fair, and so she asked for our help. We believe that Prince has always lived as an indoor cat so moving to a new environment is difficult for him. He seems a quiet, gentle fellow and he is moving to a lovely foster home so we will update the website with more information once Prince has settled there. We were told by his owner that Prince does not like being picked up which is not surprisng if he was handled roughly by a child. Prince was already neutered when he came in, but has seen the vet to be microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and fleaed. We are looking for a home where Prince can have access to a garden, via a cat flap, but where his new owners will understand that it may take him some time to be confidenet enough to venture outdoors. Prince came in with Panther and the two cats seemed to get on well, so they could be homed as a pair, or Prince could be homed on his own.
FOSTER HOME UPDATE: Prince takes some time to get used to his new surroundings so hides to begin with. However, once he feels settled and safe (after about a week) he is amazing! He is still scared of noises but wants to be with his foster mum all the time. He loves a cuddle and playing, and is very happy and gentle. Whoever adopts him will be very lucky to have him. Prince is having his booster vaccination on 12th Februsry and will be ready for his new home after that.