Domino is a very pretty, medium-haired male cat (we were told he was female by the owner!). He was handed in when his owner moved to a property where pets were not allowed. We have been told that Domino has been an indoor cat to date but we are finding that he is is quite confident for an indoor cat and he is coping well with the change in his circumstances. He has lived with a child of 5 years old and was not worried by this. He is playful and energetic, but will happily snuggle up on your knee too. Domino has been neutered, microchipped, wormed and fleaed, and will have his first vaccinations in mid June. His new owner will be responsible for getting his booster vaccinations done in July if he is homed before that. Although Domino has been an indoor cat, we will only home him where he will have access to a garden, via a cat flap, once he is settled.
FOSTER HOME UPDATE: Domino is a wonderful little cat, full of energy, he loves to play, he’s very affectionate likes to come up for strokes and purrs whilst headbutting for more strokes, he uses the tray well and likes his food. Domino is quite full on and can play a little roughly. This will settle down once he can go outside to expend his energy climbing trees and exploring!