These inquisitive and super friendly ladies were given up due to allergies in their household. Their fosterer is loving having them around and they are good to handle. Please refer to for advice and tips on gerbil care and expected standards.

ARC currently has a 2nd hand Skyline Falco 80 and custom detolf lids for sale. Zooplus also has brand new Skyline Marrakesh tanks in stock as well.

Gerbils should be kept in a large glass tank (minimum size: 75 x 45 x 65cm) with at least 8 -10 inches (20-25cm) deep of burrowing material to satisfy their natural instincts. We recommend the Ikea Detolf (£65 direct from Ikea) and we can direct you to suppliers of ready-made lids if necessary. Junglepets Small Animal Housing plain tanks (without shelves), 36″x21″x15″ or the 48″x18″x15″ are great, but they also supply bigger if you have the space. Both of the tanks above could be improved with toppers which we can supply. We also recommend the Skyline Falco, Skyline Marrakesh (96cm) when in stock or DIY Aquariums.  We can advise on sourcing accessories and best setups for any of these tanks