Roddy is a very sweet cat who has come into our care after living for some months in his kind rescuers garden. He could not go into her house as she has her own cats but loved to sit on the lady’s lap and those of her neighbours. He is approximately 12yrs old.

When Roddy first came to his foster home he was a little shy and hid, but after a few weeks he became more confident and is now a very friendly cat. He will greet his fosterers with welcome Miaows  when they return home, he can be quite vocal, especially at mealtimes, he loves to sit on laps and be stroked until he falls asleep. He is an excellent companion and loves to spend time with his human.

Roddy is hyperthyroid, so he has a small daily tablet which he takes mixed with his morning meal, it’s very easy to do. He has also had 9 of his teeth removed, but eats very well with no issues though prefers wet food. He has a sweet nature and a lovely chestnut color on his tail and chest, but looks black from the top.

ARC will continue to cover any age related veterinary costs, if seen at our vets in Twickenham.