Sam and Dean are two handsome 10 year old brothers,both boys are extremely friendly and come to the cage to greet you as soon as you enter the room. They both love to cuddle up to each other and have a close bond. both enjoy their playtime outside the cage in a safe area free of any wires/cables and limited to 30 minutes so they don’t overheat.
They are very interactive and inquisitive and will need lots of safe enrichment from approved sellers such as the chinchilla lady, and a large all metal cage (see second photo for an example)
They’ll need a diet of good quality Timothy hay this is essential for their gut health and teeth, and currently eat Science Selective chinchilla specific nuggets.
Please note that chinchillas should not be fed fruit, veg, nuts or seeds.

If you think you can offer these lovely boys their final and forever home please get in touch.