Saskia is a petit, long haired,gentle, tabby, female cat. She has come into ARC’s care because she was very stressed by the owner’s other cat. For this reason she needs a new home where she is the only pet so there is nothing to cause her stress. Also, Saskia has always been an indoor cat so she is rather concerned by the change in her living arrangements and any new owner will need to be patient with her and allow her time to settle and feel safe. She will hide away initially, and needs a calm owner to build her trust. She will be a project, and need patience and will not be an instant pet. Please do not apply just because she is pretty, she needs a new owner with experience of nervous cats and not expecting much from her for the first few weeks.
Saskia’s new home must have a garden so that, when the weather warms up, Saskia can have the opportunity to explore a garden and sit in the sun. Saskia came in neutered and microchipped but her vaccinations were out of date so we have restarted these. She will need a booster in 3 weeks time. Sadly, Saskia’s teeth are in a very poor state indeed so several need to be removed. This had now been done by our vets, so she is ready for her forever home.

Update from fosterer after 10 days-

Little update on Saskia, she’s doing much better, definitely gaining some confidence. She’ll eat her dinner while we’re in the same room as her and has migrated to sleeping on top of our bed in the day rather than under but sadly won’t let us touch her and is still very timid.  I think she’s ready for adoption however she needs a very special, calm and patient home. Her confidence is growing but as said still not allowing us to touch her so not much of a companion as of yet.