Little Shadow is a black female that our vet estimates is between 4 and 5 months of age. She was found by her rescuers in a garden but ,sadly, had no microchip. Her rescuers kept Shadow, who was apparently nervous, for a few weeks but she had a nasty wound on her neck that she kept scratching so they asked us to take Shadow.
Shadow has seen our vet and he believes the wounds on her neck were probably inflicted by another cat. Shadow was running a slight temperature so she has had a pain killing injection, an injection of long acting antibiotic and is now wearing a collar to stop her scratching the wound and opening it up again. Because she was running an infection, we have not yet been able to start Shadow’s vaccinations or get her neutered but she is now microchipped.
Although Shadow was shy, her rescuers reported that she was making good progress with them and was becoming more confident. She is now in an experienced foster home and settled in quickly. We think Shadow would be better suited to a quiet adult home due to being on the timid side.
Update from fosterer after a day ‘ Shadow is settling in very well. She has been all over the house having a good look around and has already chosen a couple of favourite sleeping spots. She likes to follow us around and has been jumping up on the sofa and sitting on our laps for stroking. Very sweet and a little purr machine. She is occasional timid if there is an unusual noise (spoon scraping in a plate for example) but that is to be expected in a new environment. She is eating well and enjoying the Royal Canin. She had a lot of fun whilst I was working from home today and was excellent company.’