Shadow and Noodle are two lovely female chinchillas who are almost 4 years old, they have been with ARC for many months. They are extremely well bonded and came to us from a home where they had lots of interaction which means they are generally calm around humans – they will eagerly come to their fosterer’s hand in the cage and jump all over her in playtime. As is normal for chinchillas, they can still be a little skittish and don’t enjoy being held; interaction is on their terms! They both have alot of character and will often chatter away to their fosterer to let them know how they are feeling, often dismay if they aren’t fed dinner first! Shadow and Noodle will give kisses in return for their food and are very food oriented often diving into the food container before their fosterer even puts their hand in. They are both very active, Noodle in particular loves using the tictac wheel. They have very sentive hearing and can hear quite far, if there is a loud noise, they will take turns in the wheel running for their lives. Both enjoy daily time outside the cage in a safe environment to run and jump and use humans as convenient climbing frames (please remember that chinchillas can overheat easily so playtime should be limited to 20 minutes).

Noodle had had some minor dental surgery when she first arrived, It went well and she is now eating as normal with no issues, but she will need a good diet of high quality Timothy Hay and (ideally) an experienced owner who can keep an eye on her to make sure her teeth remain healthy which the vet thinks will be no problem now that she’s fed a correct diet of Timothy Hay & good quality chinchilla nuggets.
You can give the occasional safe treat which should only be purchased from approved shops such as the Chinchilla Lady or the Chinchilla Bakery.
Chinchillas should NEVER be fed museli, fruit, veg, nuts or seeds..