Simba is a gorgeous DSH black and white cat. He has sadly had to come into our care, with his brother, Zeus, after his owner was sent to prison. He has clearly been well loved and looked after as he has a lovely shiny coat and very friendly, gentle demenour. He is apparently quite advenurous and will go off further from home than his brother. He is used to living with two dogs. Simba came in already neutered and we have had him microchipped, wormed, fleaed and started his vaccinations. Simba will need a booster at the end of June and this will be the responsibility of his new owner, if he is rehomed before that date. Simba is used to having outdoor access so any new home will need a garden for Simba to explore, once he is settled, via a cat flap.
We would like to home Simba with his brother Zeus.
FOSTER HOME UPDATE: The boys have a nice bond and wash each other and like to be in the same room as each other in their foster home. They love sleeping on their foster parents’ bed at night!