Simba is a very sweet and gentle black and white boy who is 22 months old. He has lived in a family with 3 school age children  so is used to them and we are told he is an active cat so enjoys people playing with him. He has been kept as an indoor cat so, at the moment he is rather afraid to go out. However, we expect that, in his new home, he will enjoy being able to go in the garden but new owners will have to be prepared for him to do this at his own pace.
Simba is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and has only come into our care as one of the children was allergic to him.
UPDATE ‘Simba has been with us for a week now and I thought you might like to know how he’s getting on. He’s making progress but still spends a fair amount of time hiding and is generally a bit skittish. If I didn’t know that he came from a home with three children I would consider him to be in need of a quieter household. He does like attention though, and is very playful and athletic. He usually comes out of hiding when I sit in front of the bed and talk to him. He’s also turning out to be quite chatty and has a very cute squeaky little meow.

He’s been using the litter tray reliably ever since we changed to a hooded one and he’s got a very healthy appetite.’