**Please note that Cody will only be rehomed to be bonded with another lone male, he will not be rehomed as a lone gerbil**

Cody is a sweet little man (about 1.5 years) who lost his brother. He’s a bit nervous of handling, but he will sniff his fosterer’s hands and hasn’t bitten. He is, like most gerbils, very inquisitive. He’s often found sitting and watching the world go by from his sandbath. His fosterer believes that both time and bonding with another male will bring him out of his shell and he’ll become a friendly and interactive little addition to any gerbil home. He also loves chewing cardboard and running on his wheel.

Gerbils should be kept in a large tank with at least 8 -10 inches deep of burrowing material to satisfy their natural instincts. We recommend the Ferplast Gabry 80, Skyline Falco, Skyline Marrakesh (96cm), Jungle Pets plain Gerbil/Mice tank 36inch+ or a similar sized tank or DIY Aquarium.