Smudge and Rascal are 2 very handsome long-haired Peruvian guinea pigs. They were originally part of a large rescue which ARC did a couple of years ago and they had been adopted and lived happily with that family. However, they have come back into ARC because the family’s circumstances changed and they now need to look after someone who is allergic to them. They are 2 and a half years old and are used to being held. They will sit on your lap quite happily.

They are good eaters in general, they love all herbs, parsley, basil, mint, coriander and baby leaf mixed salad, green beans, celery, red peppers and romaine lettuce. They enjoy a little apple as a treat, melon, grapes cut in half but they are not keen on cabbage or carrots! Please remember not to over feed veggies high in calcium and limit these to be given weekly in small amounts rather than daily.

They have lots of personality and enjoy daily exercise running around the kitchen floor playing with boxes and paper bags. They love to climb inside large paper bags! They do require regular brushing and occasional bum baths, but they don’t seem to mind this very much.
They passed their vet checks, so they are now ready to find a new and loving home.
Indoor homes only- minimum set up must be a 4×2 C&C cage or a 140cm Ferplast or bigger with plenty of enrichment!