Dear Stitch did have a home but he chose to move out as he could not cope with several young children and several other cats. A neighbour kindly fed him but he was very skittish and would not let her catch him to come to us for rehoming (with the original owner’s permission. Eventually, he was trapped using a cat trap but now that he is in rescue he is proving to be a shy but super sweet boy. He was reluctant to go into a carrier for his vet visit but did not attempt to scratch or bite. At the vet’s he behaved beautifully and enjoyed the attention and being stroked! The vet has microchipped, wormed and fleaed Stitch, and started his vaccinations. Stitch will need a booster in the second week of April and this will be the responsibility of the new owner if Stitch goes to his new home before then. We think Stitch would like a pet free home with adults. He will need a garden to explore, via a cat flap, once he is fully settled in with his new owners.
FOSTER HOME UPDATE: Stitch took a while to settle in his foster home but he is now doing very well. He does not like loud sounds or quick movements and so needs and adult only home with quiet, gentle new owners. Now he is settled, Stitch loves to lay in his fosterers laps in the evening. He also loves catnip and is staring to enjoy a string to play with. Stitch is a sweet boy.