The Spice Girls: Sporty, Posh, Scary and Minnie. They were 5, then became 3 but now they’re 4!

Sporty, Posh and Scary are 3 super active girls who don’t miss a trick. They will need a confident and patient owner but we believe with little time but much effort you’ll be rewarded with 4 extremely loving goos.

19th October 2020 Scary gave birth to Minnie Spice. She was tiny and at 3 days old only weighed 14g. She has however grown beautifully. She’s almost 4 weeks and is eating and drinking by herself. She’s confident and is getting used to being handled. She’ll be going for a sex check soon to confirm whether she’s a girl or a boy. If she’s a girl this group will be homed as a family unit of 4.

Posh is Minnie’s best friend. They spend a lot of time snuggling and grooming and Posh was a super backup Mum when Scary Spice was off duty. Sporty does exactly what it says on the tin and can generally be heard on her wheel running for England.

Scary Spice is quite defensive of her domain and she’s never happy when her fosterer needs to do bits in their cage. She has slowly enlisted the support of Posh and Sporty and they wait by the door for their fosterer to enter. We’ve come to an agreement though. They know when they come too close they get stroked and if they persist they get swiftly picked up and cuddled. So, despite this not so attractive behaviour they are improving. We think they will completely grow out of this when they settle into a new home but they will need confident handling to bypass this stage.

They’ll be ready from early December when Minnie is 6 weeks old.