Timi is a kind and gentle black male cat who has lived his whole life indoors. We feel he could, given time, learn to enjoy having access to a garden so we will be looking for a home where he will have the option to go outside, via a cat flap, but where his new owners will understand that Timi may take some time to find the confidence to venture outside. Timi has also grown up alongside a child so could be happily rehomed with a gentle older child or children who will treat him with love and respect. Timi has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and fleaed and is all ready for his new home.
FOSTER HOME UPDATE: Timi settled into his foster home, which is quiet and calm, very quickly. He has been loving and affectionate to his foster mum, and snuggles up on her when she is sitting or lying down. Timi LOVES his food!