Titch is a very sweet DMH tabby boy who our vet estimates to be around 10 years old. He has lived for some time as a stray so is nervous when you first approach him, but he is a friendly, affectionate boy, who loves cuddles, once he feels safe. The vet nurse at our surgery fell in love with him when he went in to be castrated because he is so sweet! Titch has just been castrated and microchipped at our vets and was wormed and fleaed by the very kind lady who rescued him and asked us to find Titch a home. It should be noted that all Titch’s canine teeth are broken (this is very common in cats who have lived for some time as a stray) but our vet felt they do not need to be removed as they are not causing Titch any discomfort. Titch will need to start his vaccinations two weeks after his castrate so this will so this will be the responsibility of his new owner if he is adopted during this period.


’Slow start with Titch but we’re getting there.

He spends most his time under the dining room table because that’s were I put the cat bed but he loves a fuss and purrs lots he’s even started head bumps.
He’s eating well and uses the litter tray as he should 😁
He does sneeze a bit probably every hour or so, so likely he had underlying cat flu which should improve.
The fosterer moved his bed onto the sofa and he’s quiet happy sitting next to her. He is also a lap cat!
He’s a sweet little chap😍’