Tufty (brown) and his brother Pepe (black and white) are two cute, playful and friendly brothers that are inquisitive, cuddly and have gorgeous personalities. Tufty loves interacting with people and doesn’t have a shy bone in his body, whereas Pepe is more laid back and loves to take naps. Both have been taken to the vet and are healthy and happy, and their favourite things to eat are peppers, cucumber, carrot and herbs. It’s rare to see two sweet guinea pigs who settle into new environments this easily, and they are guaranteed to bring joy to anyone’s day. Neither of the boys is neutered so they can get a bit lively and will need an adult eye on them to spot when play becomes a bit too boisterous. Could you offer these great lads a loving home? They’re currently in a 160cm length enclosure, so we’d like to rehome them into a similar large and enriching environment.