Vivo is so friendly and comes to say hello and stand on his hind legs when I come out to feed him. He is a very big bunny who loves to try and dig his way to freedom or jump up out of the pen!  He is curious and confident and will be the first to grab any food on offer. Vivo is a little more nervous and jumpy around noises, most likely due to being blind in one eye (and possibly having less sight in the other too). So he tends to scamper out of the way as soon as he hears me coming but once the shock is over he’s out saying hello. Neither bunny likes to be picked up, actually Vivo has taken to nipping if I pick him up but they happily let us stroke them, as long as we’re feeding them at the same time. They live outside but I’ve had them inside a few times and they’ve been really at ease around us after a very short time.  Can you offer this gorgeous pair a new home together ?