Whiskers is a 15 year old black and white neutered male. He has a very sweet personality, he loves to sleep, can be quite chatty and loves to chase the red laser dot. He is a lovely companion, who isn’t as demanding as a younger cat can be.
Whiskers came into ARC’s care as his owner had to move in with a relative who already has a cat and two dogs and he felt this would be too much for Whiskers.
Whiskers has been a lucky boy as he found his owner when he was about 2 years of age in a mobile home park, he.was known by all the local residents and liked to visit people in the vicinity, he is a very friendly cat. This means that Whiskers is not used to living on a busy road so he really needs a home in a quiet area where he will be safe if he wants to explore a little.
His previous owner very kindly had Whiskers fully MOTed before he came to us. Our vet has reviewed the records and the only things that needs addressing are that Whiskers has the beginnings of some renal disease- a very common ailment for older cats. We have put him on a renal diet which Whiskers eats with relish and this should protect his kidneys.
He also has some arthritis and benefits from some pain medication daily which ARC will cover. This is a liquid on his food that is very easy to do.No other treatment is required but, because of Whiskers age, ARC is happy to cover treatment for any age related condition that may manifest in the future, leaving his new owner to pay for routine things such as his special diet and flea and worm treatment.  Whiskers would have to be seen at Twickenham Veterinary Surgery where ARC has an account. He has had a full dental done on 24th March under ARC, and has no concerning problems but he does have a hole where a previous tooth came out, the vet asks that his new owner be vigilant in case he has any further problems with teeth.
Whiskers is a lovely boy who deserves a loving home for his final years. He will make a wonderful companion.