Dear little Zoe is one of the most nervous, domestic cats we have taken in. However, her wonderful fosterers have been very patient and in the evenings she will now come down and sit with them in the lounge, and even sit on her foster mum’s lap. She still is not brave enough to sit on her foster dad though!! Can you help Zoe continue to blossom? She will hide to begin with and will spook at the slightest noise but she is a loving little soul who will be very rewarding for the special person who is prepared to work with her.


Zoe is a dear little 14 year old female cat who needs a very special home. She came into ARC after her owner went into a care home. We were told she was very affectionate to her elderly owner but had seemed very depressed after the owner went into care and would not let the owner’s adult children stroke her. After coming into care, Zoe saw the vet for a health check and was wormed, fleaed, microchipped and vaccinated.
Zoe struggled to settle in her foster home at first and showed herself to be an absolute master at hiding. If there was a tiny space into which she could squeeze, Zoe did so. Now she is more settled, Zoe has a predictable routine of sleeping in a space she considers safe during the day and only venturing downstairs for her food, and to use the litter tray, at night when she feels safe. When she first arrived at the foster home, Zoe was terrified she did scratch in sheer terror when her fosterer tried to extracate her from her latest hiding space. However, she does also enjoy a stroke and will purr loudly now her fosterer is beginning to win her trust.She has even sat on her fosterer’s lap a couple of times.
‘Zoe is still hyper nervous to any noise or movement but is now coming out of her blanket/room earlier in the evening and sitting with us on the sofa which is a big step forward. She is super friendly when she comes out but still jumps at the smallest thing. She is now eating 1 1/2 tins of gourmet each day and there are no problems at all with using the litter tray. She has made no indication at all about wanting to go out.’
Zoe will need a very quiet, patient home that is experienced with nervous cats. She will need to be settled into a safe room where she can hide in an accessible space until she has got used to her new owner and is brave enough to venture out. Zoe is used to a garden but would need to be kept indoors until she is confident to come when she is called.

Zoe will need a patient quiet adult only home who have no expectations of her. We are sure you will be rewarded eventually as she is such a sweetie but it may take a while to build Zoe’s confidence and for her to trust she is safe not hiding away.