Zoe came to us as an extremely nervous cat who just wanted to hide from the world for the first few months. It has taken a lot of patience and gentle handling, but Zoe is turning into a loving character and is now showing her real personality and cheekiness. She has a small tunnel upstairs and a small tunnel downstairs – these are her safe places and will be given to her new owner when she is adopted. She does spook easily and will run into her tunnel – but is out again within a minute or so. She loves to sit behind us on our corner sofa and has a endearing habit of occasionally grooming your hair for you!

Zoe loves a stroke and attention and will curl up on your lap once she is completely settled in her new home, but this will take time and patience. She is not overly keen on being picked-up but has never hissed or bitten (apart from day 1 of her arrival when she was petrified and gave my finger a nip when we were trying to get her out of a very awkward hiding place so completely understandable) – she is very gentle and will make a loving companion. She is chatting more now and welcomes us every morning with a conversation – mainly we think telling us that it’s breakfast time.

Zoe will need a patient quiet adult only home who have no expectations of her. We are sure you will be rewarded eventually as she is such a sweetie, but it may take a while to build Zoe’s confidence and for her to trust she is safe.
She really has a great character and is extremely agile for a 14-year-old cat.