I adopted Buddy Bunny from ARC as a husbun for Minnie. I could tell from the start how much Buddy was cared for, and the fact I was encouraged to meet him first told me that ARC really invests in its adopters and adoptees. We loved Buddy and it was so exciting when he was marked as “reserved” on the website. Part of the reason I picked ARC was because they bond the bunnies for you, which made things so much easier. I was very anxious and worried about leaving Minnie at a “strange” house, but all my worries were assuaged when we were both welcomed into Gill’s home. I got very regular updates on how the bonding was going, and the fact both bunnies got a big hug and a kiss when I collected them showed they weren’t just any old bunnies – they mattered and would be missed. Gill and I remain friends to this day, and she’s also introduced me to a fellow ARC volunteer, Rose, who now takes care of Minnie and Buddy when we’re away. I am so grateful to everyone at ARC for what they’ve done for my Minnie and Buddy. Gill also coaxed me through a scary episode when Buddy was ill – ARC really do go above and beyond. I also love how they have an adopters page where everyone can share photos of their pets. ARC don’t just wave them off – they follow their progress forever!