I adopted Charlie in February 2020. ARC has been amazing from start to finish so I thought I’d share a little update.
I had never owned a cat before but Wendy (Charlie’s foster mum) has been brilliant. She gave me loads of guidance before we took him home and has always been so patient and helpful with all of my (many) questions about cat care.
Charlie settled in brilliantly. After a day of hiding he made the house his own – swiftly rejecting his cat beds and claiming an entire sofa (and my bed). He had some trouble in his foster home using the litter tray. Amazingly there have been almost no accidents in the 10 months since we brought him home! After never being outside in his first 8 years, he has started to enjoy some garden time too. He loves attention and brushes and is so patient with his baths and face washes.
I can’t recommend ARC enough, especially for first time pet owners. Thanks for all your help.