I am so grateful to ARC for my rescue cat Mog (formerly Booky). We had two black rescue cats already and were very sad to lose one to a rare heart condition. Our other cat was sad too and showing signs of loneliness so it was amazing to find another cat who was suitable to be rehomed with cats. The process was really well managed and I was so impressed. I loved meeting the team for a virtual house visit and the advice they gave on diet and introducing new cats to one another has been invaluable. I also loved meeting the fosterer who was taking care of Booky – she was great and shared some great photos, videos and information. In no time at all, we had completed the process and collected our new cat. She’s a black cat who we rescued in October so we gave her a beautiful witch’s name – Morgana, but we call her Mog or Moggy Moo! She has settled in so well and is already best friends with our other cat, Churro. She loves boxes and is so playful and she likes to boop our heads and is so affectionate. Thank you ARC. We couldn’t be happier!