I am so happy with the two guinea pigs we got from ARC. Our nearly six year old guinea pig was grieving for her friend, and we had a look on the ARC website to see if there were any friends we could get her. Two guinea pigs called Natalie and Magda particularly caught our attention. We went to meet them and they were such lovely piggies. We adopted them a few weeks later and I am so happy that we did and our six year old guinea pig, Toffee, is loving the company with her new friends and is so much happier. The guinea pigs have such lovely personalities, and I would definitely 100% recommend ARC to anyone looking for rescue guinea pigs, or any rescue pet in general. We looked at a lot of websites, but ARC was the best by far. I am so grateful with our lovely piggies and thank you, so, so, so much ARC!