I have previously dealt with Arc through work when I rescued two hamsters, I met with a volunteer who took them in without hesitation (circa 2016/2017). Arc stepped in when other charities wouldn’t.

Then in 2021 I adopted Gus, a Syrian hamster from Arc. It was the best thing I did, he was 9 months old when we adopted him and very quickly settled in with us.

Nicole and Amanda at Arc were simply wonderful to deal with. Both were very knowledgeable and kind, offering advice for the best set up and suitable care. Gus unfortunately developed cancer in his old age and passed away recently. Whilst he was poorly through the Arc adopters group I was supported and offered advice by volunteers and other adopters.

If anyone is considering getting a pet I highly recommend contacting Arc to see it you can adopt one of their lovely animals. This charity is run by local people and can only continue to do this crucial and excellent work if we continue to support them.

To the team at Arc, thankyou for all you do and thankyou for allowing Gus to be a part of my family.