I’ve adopted 4 bunnies from ARC over the past few years – travelling with a lonely bun who’s recently lost a partner, taking them on an adventure to find a new friend. The bonding service they provide, to bond your bunny to one (or even more!) of their ARC buns, is such a smooth operation and the people involved have an astounding depth of knowledge of the process and how bunnies interact – as long as the bunnies are in agreement of course ;)

They know their stuff and go the extra mile (sometimes literally!) to do everything possible for a secure bond before you bring your new family back home. They even have bunny-cam to keep you updated on how things are going and send you pics of incredible cuteness so any separation anxiety is kept to a minimum.

It’s very clear to see that my experience with the ARC bunny people is par for the course, for all the animals they take such brilliant care of. I keep in touch with other ARC adopters, the volunteers and the marvellous people who foster so we can adopt. ARC like to know how you’re all getting on and love seeing updates about the pets they’ve rehomed, for years and years afterwards. You’ll always be an ARC adopter :)