Trust you are all keeping well in these unusual times.
One year on how time flies I thought you would like to have an update
on my new life. First of all I would to like thank you all for looking after
me and helping to find me a new family. They love and adore me and
their friends that visit soon fall for my charms. They refer to me as a loveable rouge I can’t understand what they mean by that. With a little encouragement I have moulded the staff to my requirements.
They have adapted the house to my specifications and cater to my requirements. I have nice large garden to pass the day away enjoying the fresh air and take a little exercise to please mum/dad (staff) I have lost some weight and seem to have found a happy compromise. I am a lot more nimble now. The little lady cat that was here when I moved in has taken a few weeks to get used to me but we are good friends now.