My husband and I first came across ARC in 2011, when we lived in Ealing.

I was really impressed by the way that the bunnies were cared for whilst they were being fostered and the due diligence that they did around making sure that they were matching animals to the right home. Although I have had pet rabbits for most of my life, I didn’t realise how badly informed I’d been in the past about things like their living space and diet. ARC recommended a fresh hay supplier to me (I still use the same one today!) and showed me some brilliant spaces for bunnies to explore – I now have an aquarium in my garden with a hutch inside it so that the bunnies always have at least 6 square feet of binkying space at any one time.

In 2011, ARC matched us with two beautiful brothers – Whisper and Dusky. Sadly Dusky’s life wasn’t as long as we’d like it to be and ARC were great at helping us to find and bond Whisper with a new wife-bunny, Molly. Molly was with us for eight years. When she passed away earlier this year, I didn’t know what to do – I didn’t want Whisper to live without a bunny-wife but, now we have had children, we are not sure if we want to keep the cycle of bunnies going indefinitely in our family. Despite having moved to St Albans, we went back to ARC to discuss what we could do. They have matched us with a young bun called Carrie – she’s one of the most beautiful bunnies I have ever seen (she’s the black and white bun in the photo).

ARC have said that we can keep Carrie for as long as Whisper stays with us (hopefully forever) and I’m not sure whether I will ever be able to give her back as she is already an important part of our family. ARC is just wonderful at understanding both the reality of human lives and the importance of making sure animals have the happiest lives.

I could never thank them enough for what they have done for me and my family. Especially Gill and Donna – two wonderful women who bring joy to animals’ and peoples’ lives every single day. Thank you!!