We added Caramel our 1st house rabbit to our family last year at 8 weeks old. Although Caramel had plenty of attention when we were around, I was conscious that when we were away during the day time she was on her own. After a lot of reading and thinking about it we decided that Caramel needed a friend and were given ARC as a recommendation from a friend. Gill was very reassuring that Caramel would be well looked after during the bonding process and offered us a lot of advice on the steps that needed to be taken in order for us to adopt a rabbit. Hayley can round to make sure we had a suitable home for the rabbits (we passed with flying colours). Claire took over the bonding process and it was great to know a professional was on hand, as I had read many horror stories on rabbit bonding. Caramel was 1 1/2 and I was conscious she would not bond well as she was used to the attention and being on her own. Claire sent us regular updates with pictures and offered us tonnes of advice for when the pair came home. The whole process was so smooth with both Caramel and Stanley now settling in well at home. I was amazed by all of the hard work the ARC do and would 100% recommend using them to anyone. Thank you so much for all of you help.