We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved at Animal Rescue and Care.

The whole process of adopting our kittens has been incredibly professional and stress free from start to finish. Given that you are all volunteers, and operating in the midst of a pandemic, it really is credit to everyone involved at the rescue. The advice and guidance we received throughout the process has been very helpful to us in making sure we made the right choice regarding which kittens to adopt.

Ezra and Sabine are simply delightful little kittens, they are confident, fun and also very cuddly (when they are sleepy).

They have settled in very quickly to our home. The kittens feel so happy and are very confident, so much so that they were happy to explore our home on their first day with us, and happily fell asleep on a chair in our lounge on the first evening. The kittens have also been completely unfazed by our kids.

The kittens happily get involved with our kids home-schooling providing some welcome entertainment and distraction from the lockdown/home-schooling situation. The kittens happily sit in the chairs next to the kids whilst they complete their home lessons and both our kids have been lucky enough to have cuddles with the kittens when they start to get sleepy and are calm, and this is helping the children quickly bond with the kittens.

Our children have described the kittens coming to stay as the best thing ever and the kittens have thoroughly enjoyed having two new human siblings to play with. The kittens are eating and drinking really well and using their litter tray with no issues at all, and neither of them have shown any signs of distress at all with the move from the foster home to our home.

Obviously it helps that the kittens have each other, but their socialisation over the last 8 weeks, due to the wonderful care that their foster carers Kelly and her family have provided to the kittens since they were born has really prepared them so well for their new life with us.

We honestly couldn’t have asked for a smoother experience. We will be recommending your rescue to any of our friends and family looking to adopt.