When I lost my eldest bunny, I wanted to find a companian for Radar as he was only young. I was put in touch with ARC. Right from the beginning they were fantastic, answering all my concerns and question. Gill came round and did a home check for me, taking Radar back with her, to get the bonding process going. I said that Radar can choose a bunny, but I was interested in one of the “Weather Girls” so Cirrus (Obi) was chosen. Since she has found her feet – Radar doesn’t know whats hit him!! She chases him, nicks his food (even from his mouth) etc, but she loves giving me kisses, playing with her toys, being in the garden, but most of all – she loves Radar.
ARC have been fantastic as I have had a few problems along the way, and they have advised me and guided me all the way. I would recommend anyone looking to adopt to choose ARC.
Thank you for all your help and advise.