Where do we begin. These wonderful ladies who all played a part in helping, guiding and supporting us in finding and adopting our 2 kittens. Emily set everything up and empathetically and patiently guided us through the entire process. We already had a beautiful 7 yr old black cat, who came with our house. There were lots of complexities, that Emily took in her stride and reassured us throughout. Sue was so kind and lovely and offered fantastic advice on how to best grow our cat family and ensure the best for all. Then the lovely Olga who fostered our kittens along with their Mummy cat. Her care and dedication meant that she actually knew each kitten and what would be best for them in their forever homes. We approached the adoption only looking to adopt 1 kitten to be company for our big boy. However, Olga introduced us to a brother and sister from a larger litter. She said they really did love each other and did everything together, including help one another gain confidence and personality. Well it was love at first sight for us when we met them both… the 2 smallest of their litter. A tiny but fearless little magical black boy cat and a very shy and wary tabby and white little girl. Thanks to their fosterer who really took the time to explain why they should be a pair, led to us having a wonderful cat family of 3. All 3 cats are thriving, they squabble like all families, but mostly over who hasn’t lick their bowl clean! Our tiny kittens are now 10 months old Maverick (our boy) is nearly as big as his 7yr old big brother! Phoenix (our girl) is brave and chortles away chatting to us constantly… they both LOVE cuddles and we just LOVE THEM! Thank you so much ARC, you helped us all find each other and bring lots of love and joy to all our lives.