We adopted our first pair of bunnies 7 years ago from ARC. It was many years since I had looked after rabbits and ARC were brilliant with their advice and support for getting us ‘kitted out and bunny ready’ as well as recommending a bunny savvy vet. The foster family of our buns, Magic and Snoopy, were so welcoming and considerate when my daughter and I visited them prior to their coming home with us, and together with hearing the back story of why the bunnies were rescued, it made us feel very special.
After many happy years hopping around our garden Magic sadly passed away before Christmas :-( and my first port of call was then ARC. The understanding and consolation from them was brilliant. We were very lucky that an ‘older’ female, Pumpkin, was looking for a new home. In this instance it was a direct re-homing from a family who had lost their male to a fox attack. Gill from ARC then worked her magic on helping the two grieving bunnies bond. It was not an easy process in this instance, but her patience, observation and care ensured that Snoopy and Pumpkin realised it was better together than alone. Gill sent us regular updates during the bonding process and continued to support and advise us once they came home too. We are now so happy to have a pair of gorgeous buns bouncing around the garden again, and it is all due to ARC. Thank you! xx