Zorro, now known as Bob, has settled in very nicely at Dawes Farm. He has found his feet very quickly, and loves to explore the house with all its knooks and crannies. Bob and Twiggy have yet to become firm friends, but they are beginning to touch noses and having a good sniff of one another. I think 11 year old Twiggy is rather bemused by the antics of 2 year old Bob, as he charges around the house chasing imaginery creatures! He is very affectionate and follows my around like a little dog, and will come and sit on my lap when he feels like being quiet. He has had his second vaccination now, and took his first look out in the garden today. He didn’t venture very far but it will be a big area to explore. He has been watching then e free-ranging chickens and gets very excited – will need to be watched for a little while!!

Bob is a wonderful little cat and we already adore him. Thank you ARC for bringing us together and congratulations on the great work you do for animals needing a home.