Please note, we do not rehome single rabbits to live on their own.

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Marti (2 years old)

Marti is a stunning and super friendly male Thrianta rabbit. Unfortunately we have not been able to bond him with another female so are rehoming him as a single house rabbit. We do this very reluctantly as most rabbits need and enjoy company of their own kind. Thrianta rabbits are [ more]


Juno (7 months old)

Juno is a neutered and vaccinated male lop with white and tortoiseshell fur. He's come into rescue after falling out with his male bunny companion. He loves to be groomed and has beautiful big ears. He loves binkying and running through tunnels. He doesn't like being held but is happy [ more]


Misio (6 years old)

RESERVED - Misio is a sweet male rabbit who is looking for a new home after losing his partner. He would like to meet a single neutered female rabbit and could live indoors or outside. He's well litter-trained, as you can see from the photo, and responds to his name. [ more]


Buffy & Sabrina

HAVE AN ENQUIRY - Buffy & Sabrina have come to ARC after their original owner was not able to look after them any longer. We don't have a lot of information about their previous life but they are now settled with us and would make a wonderful addition to any [ more]


Dad Bun (9 months)

RESERVED - This rather handsome and friendly boy has come to ARC looking for a new home. He had sadly been split from his partner after a litter of kits arrive unexpectedly so they all came in to rescue. He has settled in well and is booked for castration on [ more]


Wilma (3 years old)

RESERVED - Wilma is recovering from a bad start in life after being kept as a breeder bunny. She's rather nervous at the moment, but we know from experience that she'll soon relax, realise she's safe and loved, and that life is getting much better for her. Wilma needs to [ more]

Find out about our rabbit adoption process