Please note, we do not rehome single rabbits to live on their own.

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NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FEBRUARY - details to follow shortly. Flopsy needs to be spayed and vaccinated before rehoming.


Mark (3 months)

Mark came to ARC with eight of his brothers and sister from an unplanned litter. He is the last one to find his forever home so we would like to see him reserved soon. He is a little timid but very friendly and will make a wonderful bunny companion. He [ more]


Lumi (1 year old)

Lumi is a Cashmere Lop who came to ARC after being given up as an unwanted Easter gift :(. His fur was completely matted in big knots (shown in the last two profile photos) and he needed to be completely shaved (which was done under anaesthetic while he was being [ more]


Big Foot & Lilly

Lilly (brown lop, 6 years old) and Big Foot (white, 4 years old) are looking for a new home.  They are very well bonded so will be rehomed together.  Lilly & Big Foot are both very friendly and are not at all timid having grown up with three children in [ more]


Autumn & Star

Autumn (Mum - born in April 2019) & Star (Daughter - born in Nov 2020) are a really sweet pair of rabbits. Autumn came to us with her litter of babies and their Dad. She was a brilliant Mum and her kits have now all found homes of their own. [ more]


Ken (10 months old)

Ken is a small rabbit, full of character, who has had a few upheavals in his life. First, he was living with another un-neutered male which inevitably led to fighting.  When he came into rescue we neutered him and he was rehomed with a female bunny. But she sadly died, [ more]

Find out about our rabbit adoption process