There are hundreds of thousands of pets abandoned every year in the UK. With the number of animals in need of help growing every day, there is more and more pressure on animal charities like A.R.C. By adopting one of our furry friends, you’re not only helping one animal by giving it a loving home, you’re helping us make room to accept another animal into our care.
Please do check out our Testimonials Page to see how happy our previous adopters are!!

Once you have made the decision to welcome a new pet, there are more benefits to adopting instead of buying an animal:

  • All our animals are health checked and neutered (if old enough). Small furries, such as hamsters, are professionally sexed so that you can avoid the surprise of an unexpected litter later on!
  • Because our animals live in foster homes while they wait to be adopted, we have got to know their personalities, so can recommend the perfect animal companion for you
  • You can rest assured that you are not supporting puppy / rabbit farms and those who breed animals irresponsibly for money
  • Most of all, it feels great to give an animal who has been abandoned a new chance to have a warm, loving home.

So whichever type of four-legged friend you want to take home:

Please adopt, don’t shop!


Adopt a cat


Adopt a kitten


Adopt a rabbit

Adopt a guinea pig

Adopt a small furry

Adopt a dog


While it would be great to rehome animals for free, like all animal charities we need to cover the costs of our vet fees, pet food, litter, beds and housing, toys and all the other associated costs of running A.R.C. Our vet fees alone are in excess of £3,000 a month.

Instead of charging a set fee, we ask for a minimum donation as you take your new companion home. The individual animal pages have more details on the recommended minimums.
You can now pay your adoption fees directly via PayPal.
Just please make sure to say which animal type and name(s) as well as the adoption date to help us with tracking these, as well as taking some proof so your fosterer can see that this has been done.
– you can use the space on the Paypal page where it says “Add a note” or
– you can use this form – thank you!


We are a group of volunteers who run the charity purely on donations. You can be certain that all the money we raise goes directly to the animals and their care.
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We do love to hear about all of our animals in their forever homes so please join the ARC Adopters facebook group or keep us posted on our Testimonials page