Stopping The Cycle – The Importance Of Neutering

Every day, the volunteers and supporters of A.R.C deal with unwanted animals that need love, care and a good home. That’s why we’re so passionate about neutering animals, to stop the cycle of unwanted animals.

We neuter all animals that come into us if they are old enough. Much of the money we raise is spent on neutering, because it’s the only way to prevent the suffering of more unwanted and un-homed animals.

Neutering also has long-term health and welfare benefits to animals and reduces the spread of disease.

For feral or semi-feral cats that are happiest in an outdoor environment away from people, A.R.C. advocates TNR (trap, neuter, return). We respect their right to freedom, but TNR lets us prevent the continued cycle of uncontrollable litters.

We are passionate about educating people about neutering. We have a range of leaflets and events – so if you need more advice on neutering, see the relevant animal care page on this website or just contact us at