The small furries we rehome are chinchillas, degus, gerbils, hamsters, mice and rats.


Katniss (3 months old)

Katniss is a super cute female Roborovski hamster and sister to Primrose, she was born in December 2023. Katniss will require a large spacious indoor set up that’s 100x50cm with lots of enrichment and a large sand bath/area. She will best suit a home without small children.


Primrose (3 months old)

Primrose is a gorgeous female Roborovski hamster who was born on the 30th of December 2023. Sadly her previous owner was sold a miss sexed pair which resulted in babies. Primrose will require a large spacious set up that’s 100x50cm or bigger with lots of enrichment and a large sand bath/area. [ more]


Tiffany (10 months old)

Tiffany is a super cute female Roborovski hamster. She’s approximately 10 months old. Due to her size and robo’s being very fast, she would best suit an adult home or a family who have experience with this breed without very small children. She’s great fun to watch, and her foster family [ more]


Small pet carriers for sale

ARC always has a number of used small pet carriers for sale priced between £3 - £5 depending on size and condition. We often have cages available for sale too. Please contact if you're interested in buying one. Collection from Whitton.


ARC do not have any ferrets for homing but if you are looking to adopt one please contact Ferret Rescue Surrey. Tel: 07904 717 795 Email: Facebook: Ferret Rescue Surrey


We are generally unable to take birds but Birdline UK Parrot Rescue or Little Bird Rescue should be able to help.


We occasionally rehome both tropical and cold water fish but don’t have the facilities for marine fish. Please email us in the first instance or alternatively you can contact Fish Rescue and Welfare.


ARC does not take in African Pygmy Hedgehogs. Please contact National Exotic Hedgehog Rescue.

We are not linked to these rescues so please do not contact ARC