The small furries we rehome are chinchillas, degus, gerbils, hamsters, mice and rats.

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Poppet is a curious hamster who loves playtime outside of her cage. She is extremely energetic and entertaining to watch as she zooms around. Poppet is very vocal, making adorable little squeaks now and again to make sure she hasn't been forgotten. She is a friendly hamster and handles well for [ more]



Possum is a beautiful girl with heaps of energy. She is constantly on the move, loves running in her wheel and regularly makes her fosterer's heart stop by fearlessly leaping between ledges. Possum is gentle and hasn't bitten, but she is still slightly nervous of people and needs a calm and [ more]



Ant is still so very timid. Will run and hide as soon as anybody approaches him but we hope this will improve with time. Currently recovering from bites after being in a cage with other hamsters.



Currently on pregnancy watch until early October but can be reserved prior to this.



Very friendly but currently on pregnancy watch until early October. Can be reserved prior to then.



She is very sleepy, but calm to be around humans. Currently on pregnancy watch until early October but can be reserved prior to then (assuming a successful homecheck).



Dec is good when being held but will still run when you want to pick him up. As soon as he’s back in cage he goes to a corner and rolls up into a ball - he's had a rough start in life but we'll continue to work on his confidence. [ more]



Cassandra is a gorgeous young girl who 12 weeks old. Very easy to handle, into mischief and does not bite. She's often plotting to escape her cage so her new owner needs to ensure she has lots of supervised freeroaming time so she has an opportunity to burn off energy and [ more]



Diana loves to be up and exploring and loves attention from her fosterer. Not on pregnancy watch like some of the others as she's from a different home.



So far she’s super chilled, and happy to be handled. Not at all bitey. On pregnancy watch until 6th October but can be reserved prior to then.



He is such a gentle soul. Loves being stroked and comes out as soon he hears human voice. He was rescued by a member of the public before arriving in our care.

Find out about our small animal adoption process


ARC do not have any ferrets for homing but if you are looking to adopt one please contact Ferret Rescue Surrey. Tel: 07904 717 795 Email: Facebook: Ferret Rescue Surrey


We are generally unable to take birds but Birdline UK Parrot Rescue or Little Bird Rescue should be able to help. 


We occasionally rehome both tropical and cold water fish but don’t have the facilities for marine fish. Please email us in the first instance or alternatively you can contact Fish Rescue and Welfare.

We are not linked to these rescues so please do not contact ARC