The small furries we rehome are chinchillas, degus, gerbils, hamsters, mice and rats.

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Robin & Nancy (1 year old)

These inquisitive and super friendly ladies were given up due to allergies in their household. Their fosterer is loving having them around and they are good to handle. Please refer to for advice and tips on gerbil care and expected standards. ARC currently has a 2nd hand Skyline Falco 80 [ more]


Jupiter (RESERVED)

Jupiter (Jupee) is a very handsome one year old male Syrian hamster. Jupiter will need an experienced owner with no young children. Jupiter is friendly but also very nervous and can bite when frightened. Anything unusual or sudden makes him jumpy. Jupiter needs time to settle into a routine and a [ more]


Zac & Jasper (1 year old)

Zac and Jasper, 1 year old. Happy to be picked up and cuddled and love being out on free roam. Both happy to take treats from their fosterer and love snuggling together, do you have a nice spacious set up with lots of enrichment and some male rats they can join?


Snowy (6 weeks old)

Snowy, like all dwarf hamsters, is incredibly cute looking but she's also extremely soft to touch. She is lots of fun as she comes out day & night to play. She's happy to be woken slowly any time & always comes to her fosterer to be nosey when there's noise around. [ more]


Small pet carriers for sale

ARC always has a number of used small pet carriers for sale priced between £3 - £5 depending on size and condition. We often have cages available for sale too. Please contact if you're interested in buying one. Collection from Whitton.

Find out about our small animal adoption process


ARC do not have any ferrets for homing but if you are looking to adopt one please contact Ferret Rescue Surrey. Tel: 07904 717 795 Email: Facebook: Ferret Rescue Surrey


We are generally unable to take birds but Birdline UK Parrot Rescue or Little Bird Rescue should be able to help. 


We occasionally rehome both tropical and cold water fish but don’t have the facilities for marine fish. Please email us in the first instance or alternatively you can contact Fish Rescue and Welfare.

We are not linked to these rescues so please do not contact ARC