The small furries we rehome are chinchillas, degus, gerbils, hamsters, mice and rats.

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Thelma & Louise

They are both sweet girls that come over to their fosterer when she opens the cage and take treats off her and will take oats off her hand too. Thelma will tolerate a stroke but Louise not yet. Neither girls like to be picked up but will jump into their sand [ more]



If you can offer a fox proof, loving forever home please complete the online form. We won’t know till we get them what condition they are in but they are ex-caged so expect them not to be fully feathered. We do know they are 16 months old. We ask a £3 [ more]


Baby & Ginger Spice

Baby and Ginger Spice are 2 really sweet girls. Confident to take food from their fosterers hand and they love running in their wheel, often together, and enjoy a good sand bath too. They’ve come from an environment which got out of control with 380 other degus. They arrived with sores, [ more]


Stuart & Cutie

Stuart and Cutie came into ARC as two lone males and they have recently been bonded. They're adorable and are either found working hard tunnelling, chewing and generally renovating their home or snuggling up together for a snooze. They've both discovered a love for running on a wheel and eating mealworms. [ more]


Elvis & Hendrix

Elvis and Hendrix were the result of an unplanned breeding situation and were advertised online for free (!) Fortunately another rescue stepped in and saved them before they fell into the wrong hands. Due to the total overall number of Gerbils rescued, ARC have taken these boys into our care. Elvis [ more]

Find out about our small animal adoption process


ARC do not have any ferrets for homing but if you are looking to adopt one please contact Ferret Rescue Surrey. Tel: 07904 717 795 Email: Facebook: Ferret Rescue Surrey


We are generally unable to take birds but Kelly’s Rescues should be able to help.


We occasionally rehome both tropical and cold water fish but don’t have the facilities for marine fish. Please email us in the first instance or alternatively you can contact Fish Rescue and Welfare.

We are not linked to these rescues so please do not contact ARC