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Isabel (7yrs)

  • Sex:Female
  • Colour: Dilute Torti and White
  • Neutered:Yes
  • Suitable for: Adults
  • Date Posted: 4/8/20
  • Breed:DSH
  • Healthcare:microchipped
  • Wormed, Fleaed
  • Status: Available
  • Fostered by:J&E
  • Isabel is a 7 year old torti and white neutered female. She was very loved by her previous owner but, due to a skin condition for which Isabel is on a special diet, it was felt better that Isabel be rehomed so she could not eat the food belonging to the other 2 cats in the household.
    Isabel is currently on steroids to treat her skin but our vets feel it may be a flea allergy that has just got out of control in her previous home. We have now treated Isabel with a good quality reliable product from the vets and she is in a flea free foster home, so we are hoping her skin will improve quickly.
    Isabel is a very affectionate cat and settled quickly into her foster home. She would suit most homes, but due to being under veterinary care at Twickenham Vets for her skin, we would like to home her local to enable ARC to cover the cost of any other vet visits required for skin or if more steroids are needed to stop her itching.
    Her new owners must be experienced cat owners and be reliable and conscientious at applying a monthly vet quality flea prevention product, like Stronghold, to ensure Isabel is kept comfortable. This monthly treatment is recommended for any normal cat, but is even more important that Isabels owners do this in a timely manner due to her skin flaring up.
    Please ensure you are serious about adopting a cat and are not just enquiring over COVID-19. A cat depending on its age is a 15+ year commitment, no matter what is going on. Any new cat also needs time and a safe space to settle for the first week or two to feel comfortable, so please also bare this in mind if you are not going out to work as you usually would, the cat needs downtime too and will be overwhelmed upon arrival.

    I am interested in adopting Isabel

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