ARC takes in many animals, most are for adoption, but also sadly we sometimes have animals that are not possible to rehome or require ongoing medical care. In these, thankfully quite rare cases, we continue to support these animals to live in permanent foster homes in line with our values

We passionately believe that every animal is entitled to be loved and cared for and live a healthy and happy life

We believe that euthanasia is only ever an option when an animal has a poor quality of life or if they are a potential threat to other animals or humans.

This page will showcase the sanctuary animals currently in our care and share their stories. From time to time we fundraise specifically to cover their medical bills as this can be quite a burden despite the vet discounts we already are fortunate to receive.

If you would like to support our  Sanctuary animals, please visit our Donations page Thank you!



Polly is a 17 year old torti, again with renal problems. ARC supports her vet care.



Handsome Dorito came into our care after living for some time as a stray. Sadly, Dorito tested positive to FIV. He has been adopted but ARC will be supporting his veterinary care should he become ill.



Vinnie is a three year old Poodle Bichon cross. He came into our care when his owner sadly passed away. When he came to us it was clear he was suffering from an allergic skin condition. We have found the most wonderful home for this little boy and support his new [ more]



Lizzie is the sweetest little 17.5 year old cat who was adopted from ARC many years ago as one of a pair of cats. Her partner died a couple of years ago and, very sadly, her much loved owner died recently, which is why Lizzie came back into our care. While [ more]



Ziggy is a dear little tabby cat who was brought to ARC by social services after being literally removed from the walls of a very dilapidated property the council were about to renovate. She is very frightened by humans but lives happily in the utility room of one of our Trustees, coming and [ more]



Holly is a cat who came in as an older feral kitten. Unfortunately she did not tame as well as some of her siblings so she lives permanently with one of our Trustees.


Toby (aged 11)

Toby is an elderly rabbit who is blind and deaf. On top of that he needs regular dental treatments, so ARC is keeping him as one of our special sanctuary rabbits. This means we can ensure he has a really special home and has all his vet bills covered. His fosterer [ more]



Boo is an angora rabbit, the breed which is reared for their 'wool'. Her coat is incredibly high maintenance, needing constant clipping otherwise it form painful matts at the roots, constricting her movement like a strait-jacket. Angoras are subject to awful cruelty in countries like China where they are kept in [ more]



Pearl is a delightful old lady who came into our care after being taken to the vet to be put to sleep because she had uncontrolled diarrhea. After several months of care, and with the help of our wonderful vets at Twickenham Veterinary Surgery, Pearl was well enough to be adopted. [ more]


Blue & Logan

Logan and Blue are two sweeties that have found their perfect home which is supported by ARC due to Logan's health condition. They love snuggling together and sit waiting for treats. Blue was very nervous when she first came but has come out of her shell and loves coming out and [ more]



Andre is a handsome ginger and white male cat who came into our care as he was a little too lively for the older cat he had been living with. Andre is 5.5 years old and was found by our vet to have a disease which causes his body to absorb [ more]