ARC takes in many animals, most are for adoption, but also sadly we sometimes have animals that are not possible to rehome or require ongoing medical care. In these, thankfully quite rare cases, we continue to support these animals to live in permanent foster homes in line with our values

We passionately believe that every animal is entitled to be loved and cared for and live a healthy and happy life

We believe that euthanasia is only ever an option when an animal has a poor quality of life or if they are a potential threat to other animals or humans.

This page will showcase the sanctuary animals currently in our care and share their stories. From time to time we fundraise specifically to cover their medical bills as this can be quite a burden despite the vet discounts we already are fortunate to receive.

Albus & Remus

Albus & Remus have been with ARC since late 2016. They were handed in to be rehomed before their 1st birthday.
Remus (black and white Dutch) is extremely nervous and unfortunately has not improved whilst being in foster. His foster mum has attempted everything even trying reiki by an animal healer who offered to see if she could help.

Albus and Remus are very much in love. Albus is not as nervous as his partner and will tolerate a quick nose rub but will then scoot off to be with Remus. They currently live in an 8ft hutch with an outside area which they happily mooch in and out of, but you will mostly find them snuggled up together.

Their fosterer leaves them to it to avoid causing Remus any stress. They get fed, watered and cleaned out daily but apart from that they are left to live their lives together with minimal human interference. It is heartbreaking seeing Remus so scared.

ARC will foster these two beautiful rabbits for the rest of their days, unless an understanding person comes along that would be happy to give them a home and doesn’t mind giving them the peace and quiet that they need.

Dizzee (4 years old)

  • Date Posted: 22/05/20
  • Breed: Guinea Pig
  • Meet Dizzee, a 4yr old guinea pig who has ongoing respiratory issues and suffers impaction (like many older male piggies). He is the sweetest boy and is well able to demand his food and make his presence known, also rather partial to trotting around on the floor!

Blue & Logan (8 years old)

  • Date Posted: 30/04/20
  • Breed: Chinchillas
  • Logan and Blue are two sweeties that have been in rescue since the beginning of November 2019 and are still waiting for their perfect home which will be supported by ARC due to Logan’s health condition. They love snuggling together and sit waiting for treats. Blue was very nervous when she first came but has come out of her shell and loves coming out and getting into mischief. Logan is albino so his eyesight is not good and he is thought to have fits. He had one when in his fosterers front room which may have been triggered by the TV but since putting him in the back room he has not had any. He comes to his name and loves being out out and running around.

Little Mum

  • Date Posted: 30/04/20
  • Breed: Russian Dwarf Hamster
  • Little Mum arrived pregnant in August 2018, very angry, hissing and spitting at everyone who even walked past her cage. Mum had a healthy litter of four babies, one girl and three boys who were adopted quickly.

    However Mum had a temper and you only had to walk up to the cage and she was climbing up hissing constantly, she couldn’t be touched either. We decided she wasn’t suitable for adoption and Mum became a permanent foster.

    You will be pleased to know Mum trusts her fosterer now and all the aggression stopped after six months, however because Mum likes a quiet life she has remained within our care.


  • Date Posted: 30/04/20
  • Breed: Rabbit
  • Boo is an angora rabbit with attitude. She lives with one of our volunteers and regularly needs her fur clipped as it gets so long and matted due to her breed. Further info coming soon.


  • Date Posted: 30/04/20
  • Breed: Rabbit
  • Pandy arrived at ARC at the start of 2020 after being surrendered by his owner. After arriving at Twickenham Vets, and having a health check it was very clear Pandy wasn’t a well boy. He was given a 6 week course of Panacur for suspected EC (a parasitic disease). After careful monitoring on completion of this course of meds, he developed an eye issue which then led to a case of severe mites.

    Pandy is currently in foster with one of our Trustees who is giving him lots of love and attention. He is a beautiful, friendly boy and loves to mooch in his run and eat the grass. He also loves sitting on his fosterers lap whilst receiving strokes and quite often, closes his eyes and totally relaxes whilst being pampered by his human.

    Pandy’s treatment and recovery is still on-going with more vet trips after the mite treatment course is completed to see if that is contributing to the eye problem. He still has a head tilt which may or may not improve, but he is learning to be more steady on his feet with his unusual angled view of what’s around him.

    Pandy will be neutered when all his existing health problems improve as we do not want to put his little body under even more stress whilst he is unwell.

Polly (17 years old)

  • Date Posted: 30/04/20
  • Breed: Cat
  • Polly is a 17 year old torti, again with renal problems. ARC supports her vet care.

Molly (19-20 years old)

  • Date Posted: 30/04/20
  • Breed: Cat
  • Molly is owned by an elderly lady in Northolt. She has renal problems and a history of weeing out of her litter tray so ARC support Molly’s renal food and the occasional visit to the vet.