Find out about our guinea pig adoption process

Ozzy (3 years old)

Ozzy is a lovely, calm,  three year old boar who came to ARC after his cage mate passed away. Although he is initially shy he loves lap time, and being groomed and is a real lap piggy. He loves romaine lettuce, cucumber and pepper which give him the vitamin C guinea [ more]


Lenny (6 months old)

Lenny is a gorgeous boar who’s recently been neutered and will be six weeks post op on the 30th of September and ready to find some new friends. He’s not overly keen to be picked up but will settle once on your lap, new owners will need to be alert as [ more]


Rowan (5 months old)

Little Rowan is a sweetheart. He is shy at first and likes to sleep in his igloo but if you give him time you’ll hear his little squeaks. He loved eating his veggies, and especially enjoys tomatoes. I think he will really come out of his shell once he has a [ more]


Sprout (9 months old)

Sprout came in as part of a large accidental breeding situation involving 25 guinea pigs. He is a lovely lad who will make a great pet. He has now been neutered so he could be adopted to live with a female or a male guinea pig friend.  He will need a [ more]


Chestnut (5 months old)

Chestnut was born in rescue after his mum, Ruby, arrived pregnant.  We bonded him into a trio, but unfortunately this broke down and he's back with us.  Chestnut has a lovely nature and is very vocal. Being a youngster, he does need a lot of exercise for running, 'popcorning' and exploring. [ more]

Find out about our guinea pig adoption process