More ways you can support our work


Raise funds for us

Fundraise for ARC by running or helping at fairs, organising fundraising events or donating items in good condition, or selling items for us on ebay.
Check out our top ten fundraisers on Just Giving here! Takes a few seconds to load

Become a member

You can support us by becoming a member of A.R.C. for just £10 a year. You’ll be invited to our AGM and you can feel great all year round about helping to rescue our furry friends. Click here to download a form
Note we will soon be adding a proper membership button on the site – please bear with us until it is complete! Thanks
Any questions please email:

Make money for ARC by shopping online

If you shop online on sites such as Amazon, a supermarket, B&Q, Boots or travel companies you can make money for A.R.C. at the same time. Before you shop, log into the website there will be no cost to yourself but the companies will make a small donation to A.R.C.

Donate food or litter with our Amazon wishlist

You can donate to A.R.C. by ordering food, litter and other essentials for the animals we’re looking after. Click through to our list and pick an item. Once you have placed an order, it will be delivered to A.R.C. within a few days. Just click on the logo below to head to Amazon!


Donate food and supplies for our animals

We always need healthy foods for cats like Royal Canin, Hills Science Plan, James Wellbeloved, Burns and Vitakraft. Our rabbits and guinea pigs need good quality hay such as Oxbow or Western Timothy, and Burgess Excel pellets. No blankets or towels though please – we have enough!

Help transport animals

We always need help in the local area to pick up sick, injured or homeless pets.

Do homechecks

We’ll give you basic training on how to assess potential new owners.

Collect stamps

Please send them to ARC, PO Box 46, Twickenham, TW1 1WG – a great way to get kids involved in fundraising to help animals!

Play the weather lottery

There is a chance to win 25K every week. At the same time you’ll be support us – we receive a donation from every game played via A.R.C. Play at

Play the weather lottery

If you want to find out more about getting involved, email us at

From our team and our furry friends, a big THANK YOU for all your support!